Monday, January 25, 2010

Sarah Sample concert

Sarah Sample ROCKS! We had a girls night out and went to her concert when she was in SLC for the Sundance festival. She was so amazing she brought tears to my eyes.

Afterwards me, Sarah, and Hez went to Avatar 3D! It was everything I expected and more. We were up until about 2:00am and poor Sarah had nursing school the next day. What a party animal!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Duo Princess Party

We had a princess party for the the girls! There birthdays are only 2 weeks apart so we just did a combo pack party. It was really fun but blindingly pink. After the party Johns announced he is officially ready for a boy. Aja turned 3 years old and Abby turned 1. I made a castle cake which I was amazed stayed together and we did games and a pinata. It was a fun party and made me realize how fast my little ladies are growing up.

As you can see Abby was a huge fan of her birthday hat! This was not a one time reaction, she bawled every time we put it on her head.

Castle pinata...which like any pinata eventually just broke off the hands and then we had to rip it open anyway.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our Christmas...

No terrified, crying, traumatized kid this year during the Santa visit! It was actually quite shocking. They seemed pretty happy about seeing him.

I had to get pictures of these snowflakes me and Johns cut out together. I don't think he has cut out a snowflake in like 20 years (that kind of makes us sound old). I begged him to help me do these, he was a good sport...kind of.

Aja's first snowman! She has been talking about doing one since the first snowfall and finally Johns took her out and they built one together and she can't stop talking about it.

Abby got a hair line fracture on her left leg (you can kind of see the cast coming out the bottom of her pants). But she has not let that stop her, she just crawls around like it has always been there. I am interested to see how long it takes her to crawl with two legs after the cast is taken off.

We got a real Christmas tree this year. I love the smell! But Johns is swearing off real trees from now on. We brought the first one home and it was to big. So Johns got to put it back on the car and get a 2nd one. He says we are going to buy a fake one after Christmas for next year. But I think if I give him a year to get over it, maybe he will agree to do a real one again next year...crossing my fingers.

Temple Square Christmas Lights-a classic Utah activity that I so missed in San Diego!

Now this is a MUST for me at Christmas time! There are certain traditions that truly capture the spirit of the holiday, and this is one of them for me. It was so breath-taking and refreshing to be out in the crisp, fresh air cuddled up in winter gear. I never thought I would be saying this being my first winter after living in San Diego. But I loved it! And then hot chocolate at my Dad's office does not get better than this for me. I felt like a little kid again, except for the parts when my own kids were screaming. My kids actually loved it. Aja seems to be immune to the cold, she is refusing to give up her Cali girl way. She is not into the coat thing! MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our family and friends, we love you guys and are missing those of you we don't get to see over the holidays! God bless you!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Halloween, Halloween, lots of fun on Halloween!



Here are some pics of Kauai, there are a ton of them. By the end of the trip we had over 1000 pictures between the three couples that went. It is midnight and I have no time to finish up this it will have to wait until tomorrow. I will tell you this, it was a lot of fun!